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Accelerated Computing with GPUs 2020 (Course)
Data Mining - Winter 20/21 (Course)
High Performance Computing 2019 (Course)
High Performance Computing lecture and tutorials 2019 Take this file and rename it to have a copy of hpc_helpers.hpp for your offline code testing...
Einführung in die Bioinformatik WS19/20 (Course)
Einführung in die Bioinformatik WS19/20 - Übungen
Computational Logic (Course)
A course on computational logic where we will do some exercises in Prolog.
Parallel Algorithms and Architectures 2019 (Course)
DSEA Praktikum 2018/19 (Course)
Deep Learning 2018 (Course)
High Performance Computing 2018 (Course)
Parallel Algorithms and Architectures 2018 (Course)
Crunching numbers at the speed of light in order to convince your spouse that a TITAN V is a reasonable investment. "Honey, I need that at home: you get my GeForce 1080!"

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